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From the menu and sandwich formulas and food, through to packaging, equipment, technology, services, cleaning products and store designs, the Subway® brand has a rigorous set of standards. These standards ensure that customers experience the same great taste, service and in-store experience wherever they go in the world. In the most critical of these categories, Subway® operates a Gold Standard policy.

It is IPC Asia Pacific’s role to execute against these rigorous standards and to do this we work directly with the Subway® Franchise World Headquarters (FWH) teams in all areas of our business – from sourcing to quality control. In this way, we help to ensure that each and every one of the thousands of small businesses that we represent across the Australasian franchise network receives the Subway® approved products and services that they need to run their business, at the best price for the quality required. We only work with Vendors that are able to supply the products, packaging and services to Subway® Franchisees across Australasia to the exact specification dictated by Subway® FWH and with the ultimate approval of Subway® FWH.

Once this rigorous approval process is complete, we enter into a partnership with that Vendor, which enables investment on both sides over the term of the contract to supply.


(SSA – Subway Systems Australia / FWH – Franchisee World Headquarters)

Today we manage purchases upwards of $500 Million per year and service over 3,500 restaurants across Australasia – a number that is growing every week. If you have products or services that you think the Subway® brand would be interested in and you believe that your company complies with all the industry standards for food safety and hygiene, please fill out the form below and click submit.

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