Working Together

With FWH...

IPC Asia Pacific manages the purchasing and supply of Subway® FWH specified and approved products, packaging, equipment, and gold standard services. From the menu and Sub builds, through to packaging, equipment, and store designs, Subway® FWH sets a rigorous set of standards to ensure customers experience the same great taste and service wherever they go in the world. It’s down to IPC Asia Pacific to execute against these rigorous standards.

Here is a simple graphic showing how IPC Asia Pacific works with Subway® FWH and the differing roles and responsibilities. 

work together image.jpg


With Other IPCs (Unaterra)...

IPC Asia Pacific is connected into other purchasing companies around the globe under the umbrella "Unaterra" (which is Latin for "one earth").

The Leadership Team of Unaterra is made up of the CEOs from all the IPCs around the globe - IPCA Asia Pacific, IPC North America, IPC Europe, IPC Middle East and IPC Latin America and California.

Category Management teams are formed to work on specific global purchasing and project strategies. These could be anything from streamlining specifications for marinara sauce and leveraging the scale of purchasing this product as a global buying group, all the way through to developing effective technology solutions such as the My Subway® Career recruitment portal. 

Watch this video to show you just some of the things Unaterra achieves on behalf of Franchisees…


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